09-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 9th, 2552 9th Day

Pilot Katherine ‘Kat’ James reporting

Today is our 9th rotation, an official fleet day off, which is to say everyone only works as much as necessary to keep things running smoothly. We get a few extra hours for leisure, and this, our first 9th day, was also the day we got our first readings on the area.

We are nowhere near Canis Major, or Minor for that matter. One of the science team was trying to explain it in an assembly. It seems the theory behind navigating wormholes involves precise calculations involving math that doesn’t quite exist yet.

If you know the dimensions of the space you’re warping, along with the distance you are traveling, you should be able to calculate where you’ll end up. The only problem is, it seems when you create a warp, you aren’t carefully folding space, you’re crumpling it up in a ball and hoping that you aren’t working with a mirror image of what you think you know.

His lecture involved a lot more math and theoretical physics that I was ready to deal with, but what it came down to was, “we still need to work on this.”

Now that we know where we’re not, we just need to figure out where we are.

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