10-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 10th, 2552 Ship Shape isn’t all that shapely

Pilot Katherine ‘Kat’ James reporting

Now that we are officially in unknown territory we’re working our way through systems checks.

I’m learning a lot about swearing, detecting areas of radioactive saturation and stress, what Cookie calls ‘an RS and S’ check.

My part of the check involved trailing behind senior mechanics with a cart full of measuring equipment, welding torches, patch material, markers and refreshments. I would watch the readouts as they moved along the corridor and let them know when any of the readings changed.

In some cases it was just conduit and plumbing, but each time there was a fluctuation, they would inspect the area, take more measurements and mark things down in their notebooks.

If repairs were needed, they would break out the patch equipment, or the welding equipment and go to work. Then I would hand them the refreshments and they would relax while I cleaned up. Then I’d clean up their refreshments and we would continue down the hall.

It seems that when you travel through warped space, your ship warps as well. Judging by the number of rest stops we took – your ship can warp a lot.

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