102-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 11th, 2552 The Shape of Things
Hitter of Heavy bags/sometimes Schroedinger’s Kat/ part-time Tech – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

When you’re designing a ship, when you’re building things, there are some very obvious influences: Purpose, Urgency, Need, and resources these are the physical aspects of design, then there are the more social aspects – under what conditions was the ship designed, was it designed or simply cobbled together.

What I had seen of the design was leaps and bounds beyond what we could do now. The wreckage had been on Dancer’s Retreat for over 30 years. My corpse was either very well preserved or hadn’t died during the crash.

While I’m thinking about it the 5.7 was in rather good condition for a wreck. I mean aside from the scoring she looked to be in operating condition.

So – If I had been given this puzzle from the beginning and not been on the outside fighting for a chance to work on her…

I started back at the beginning with the procedure I would have followed.

  • Make full schematics of both ships
  • 3D Scan both ships and make models.
  • Backup the scans and models of all the ships, move the ships to someplace safe- separate from the notes/work area ie not on a ship with a tendency to malfunction.

That meant we needed to research two very different angles.

  • First: The differences between the ships
  • Identify every modification
  • Identify the order of modifications
  • Identify the purpose of each mod.

Second: Find out why procedures had not been followed.

Of course, the heavy bag never replied, but I got a nod from Tower at dinner.

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