116-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 25th, 2552 Resource Management
Survivor of The Second Twilight of the Gods Incident/Schrodinger’s Undead Kat Reporting

Today I learned that I am no longer a convict, a pilot or a mechanic – I am a resource. I knew I was on this mission as an expendable member of the crew that’s what joining as a conscriptee meant. Now, however, I am needed as a mechanic and an engineer and while I have to work on the Gumbo, making planned changes and performing planned maintenance there has to be balanced.

The Twilight’s fall has given us a glut on parts and materials, but they’re just that and I’m trying to apply technology and engineering that doesn’t exist and we aren’t tooled to work on with materials that have questionable stability.

Fipps is working the metallurgy and making sure that the explosion didn’t damage the basic structure of the materials, but he also has his regular job to do researching Dancer’s retreat. He’s been working on this ‘after hours’ for weeks now and now he’s been given the okay to work on it in the open.
I can tell he’s excited but there are only so many hours in the day and we have to work our minds and bodies and let them rest too.

I started thinking about cloning myself and I realized I have the next best thing… 223, Mathers. I need a Kat simulator – A new Kat for Schroedinger to play with.

While Mathers, Thomas, didn’t like being taken away from his computer realm, the idea of getting to work on an AI, based on my brain, something he calls Alternative Intelligence was a challenge he couldn’t pass up – if this works there were be two of me churning through the data.

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