124-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 3rd, 2552 Denying the undeniable.
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic – Schroedinger’s Kat Reporting

It wasn’t until I’d finished my post-flight physical and a full debriefing before I learned that I was gone for 5 minutes after the explosion – I was there, the explosion hit and five minutes later I appeared about three kilometers out of position.

My footage and the clock on the Gumbo indicated my little interlude lasted three seconds so, faced with the unexplainable, the brass has decided that I must have either messed with the clock, or my ship had a glitch and either way it needed to be reviewed.

It doesn’t help that my only explanation was ‘it was one of those moments, where you know you weren’t supposed to survive, but things went wonky in the best way possible—’

Cookie told me I had better watch it because there are only 5 versions of the Gumbo between me and the ship we found and I’ve already eaten through at least 4 of my nine-lives.

I know he was kidding, but I really don’t want to find out if its true or not.

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