135-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 14th, 2552 Worlds Collide
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/un-diplomatic Diplomat, Kat James Reporting

Today I met myself, if only for an instant. Aziz was trying to get me to understand their ways – that there is no barrier between worlds or times, that it’s all in my mind.

For the most part, it was mostly me giving myself a headache trying not to think about how The Fates think, but how they relate to the world around them, how they relate to each other. I know that the body I see when I talk to Aziz is not Aziz, but something he created for me to interact with.

I know this— on one level, but it is still easier to talk to the form he’s created and to relate to that. There was one moment where I slipped from our reality into the realm of The Fates.

It was everything I saw when we broke through the phase-shifting engine of the Enemy and then some. In that moment I understood, but I couldn’t hold onto it. It was too big for me to deal with, but now I understand the Enemy’s ships use a mechanical version of the Fates’ innate ability to phase in and out of our reality.

I tried explaining it to Fipps, but again, I didn’t have the words, but he had the math and the plans from the Mark 7.5 to go over.

I wasn’t sure what to think when he picked me up and swung me around in the biggest hug I’ve ever received— and then he kissed me. That put the entire realm of planes and realities on hold for a good three seconds before he realized what he’d done and backed away.

He was blushing.

Aziz decided to leave us alone with our thoughts- I think they were a little disturbing for him— hell, they were kind of disturbing for me. Up until that point— Fipps was like a brother to me.

Murphy, Weird, Me, it’s the only way I know.

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