149-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 28th, 2552 The point of jumps
Guinea Pig/ Part-time mechanic/Canary in search of a coal mine, Kat James Reporting

Day 2, Where Fipps tries to explain his plan to me. This time he brought out some string, a mirror, a replica of the Gumbo, and some netting.

It didn’t help, but it felt like we were making progress. I had fun playing with the netting and the replica of the Gumbo but it suddenly made sense when I tried to shift and looked at the way the mirrors were positioned.

I ended up on the floor about 20 feet from where I started, but I think I understand. The netting is space, only it’s three or four dimensions rather than two. When you lay it flat you travel one way, but if you phase, you make a pocket in the net, that pocket is the hall of mirrors, Fipps talked about a gravitational well, so I think that adds another dimension to our already crowded hall of mirrors.

Anyway, according to him, that moment in the hall of mirrors where you pick your point, that’s where you’re making a well that can lead to your target. When it’s just you, it doesn’t take nearly as much energy as if you had a ship with you. The more mass, the longer the trip takes so – if you want to move a lot of ships, you go for shorter hops, or you go for burning a lot of energy.

It also seems that those pockets end up acting like a spring that can be used to propel people/ships through the pocket to the target area. It sounds very theoretical but as near as I can tell— it’s Fipps way of explaining The Fate’s way of phasing in and out between planes/realities in terms he understands.

It’s all really cool theory and everything but Fipps seems to think I should be shortlisted to the testing team. And I thought he liked me.

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