150-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 29th, 2552 Point and Jump
Guinea Pig/ Part-time mechanic/Canary in search of a coal mine, Kat James Reporting

Day 3 – So, it seems that Fipps was not just talking theory – he was talking a practical marriage between The Fate’s way of shifting, mental state changes coupled with frequency variations all mixed into a ship with the ability to change its vibrations and generate that well he needed to create solid jump points.

I looked at it and shook my head in disbelief. It was the Gumbo, only it was the Gumbo after someone had gone crazy attaching sensors to every inch of her hull. My ship, my beautiful ship looked like a freakin’ disco ball, and Fipps wanted me to fly around the fleet on a set course of jump points created by me, using the ship.

He didn’t want me to do it once or twice, no he wanted me to open twenty jump points and fly the Disco Ball through each of them in order so he could film the experience and he wanted me to open them up while I was still in the well.

I can generate one point 40 feet away, most of the time, and he wanted me to open twenty? I thought he was crazy until I noticed that the mirrors were not positioned equally – they were set to take my one 40 ft jump point and turn it into 20 jump points all around the fleet.

It was all cool, and the trip was amazing until I got back a moment after I’d left. Looks like we need to compensate for time differentials, and I need a really, really stiff drink.

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