156-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 4th, 2552 Wishing Well
Rescue Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/Jump Gate operator Kat James Reporting

Our arrival was baffling to the rest of the fleet, especially since we were responding to an SOS that hadn’t been sent yet.

While Tower answered a lot of questions about what happened, Fipps worked on making sure that everyone could follow when the time came. My job was to make sure that the Gumbo was ready to pilot the way through. We were going to have to work out the best path to return to the fleet (and not get there before the message was received.)

The plan was to chart a course of jumps based on reversing Fipps’ calculations. It was all theoretical and the Fleet Admiralty was not buying it— until The Enemy fleet surrounded us like they had tried with the Valkyrie’s View earlier.

A squadron headed out to intercept while the fleet followed me through the first jump point. We made it out before they could do any damage to the big ships, but we lost three fighters who couldn’t follow.
We waited tensely scanning the area until there was no chance for them to have followed. Then we prepped for a path home— just as soon as Fipps figures out where we are.

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