164-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 12th, 2552 Internal issues
Part-time mechanic/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

There are some serious disadvantages to being part of the ship’s convict compliment- like the fact that when something happens, you’re in the pool of suspects. It doesn’t matter if you were on another ship, or doing something else at the time— you’re in the pool.

This disadvantage meant that I was pulled into a hearing to have the evidence read against me – that I did willfully and with full knowledge blow up their envoy and the Twilight of the Gods in an effort to hide my activity. I then further broadcast slip-stream event that ‘caused their jump gate to collapse thereby destroying one have of their interdiction team.

The advantage of being a jack of all trades meant that when they started talking about me blowing up the Twilight of the Gods, I had gathered debris from the explosion for recycling, I had talked to Fipps about the metallurgic changes based on whatever had caused the accident and, while I couldn’t explain pretty much any of it— I could point the investigative team in the right direction.

And, with the help of The Enemy, how mind mending is that?, we determined that no one from the fleet could have caused the accident because we haven’t even begun to work with the elements that they have— although Fipps is now excited about the idea researching metals and the effect of the well on their molecular structure.

It seems that not everyone in The Enemy’s fleet is on the same page.

I’m just happy that I’m off the hook. I’ll worry about the faction that wants me dead, another time.

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