180-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 28th, 2552 – Liaising on a Wednesday afternoon
Part-time mechanic/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

I really don’t like the fact that, while the Parataph fleet has moved on, Druckab can communicate with them almost instantaneously and that they can pretty much slip in whenever and wherever they want.
I like it even less when it involves long conversations about me and ends with their Shaman wanting more time with me, and this time she’s also asked for time with Lilbit.

I tried to put my foot down, I tried reminding me of what happened the last time Grthara was in my head and just how close the explosions that consumed two fleets had gotten, but of course, no one wants my opinion.— Well, Tower, Cookie, Mac, and to a lesser extent Fipps but My opinion didn’t matter.

But this time all she wanted to do was to move me to a different part of the ship and then let Lilbit find me. It started as a minor experiment, she’d move me- Lil’d find me. Then it turned into a game of hide and seek – and from there different crewmembers would try and hide me, but Lilbit would find me until he got tired of the game and started trying to preen Grthara.

I don’t know what happened, but I know she wanted to try something else and as she came close, Lilbit took one look at her – I swear I heard him say “No.” And vanish.

Sometimes I wish we were just exploring space.

That night, as if I hadn’t been through enough, I had one of those otherworldly visits from Aziz and Andi. They didn’t say anything, but I understood. I couldn’t let any of the Parataph near Lilbit

Later on, when he showed up and chittered away in my ear, he only wanted to scold me and sleep. I tried telling him it wasn’t safe, I tried shooing him away, but all he did was give a self-satisfied smile and curl up in my arms.

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