181-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 29th, 2552 – Lost in translation
Part-time mechanic/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

Today Lilbit pretty much Dragged Aziz to see me. It’s the first time I could talk to him since we’d parted ways and he was confused when I told him about the Parataph, and the vision of fire.

The thing was, he wasn’t surprised by the vision of the fleet blowing up – he was surprised that I’d seen it and it hadn’t happened. He smiled saying there was hope for us yet.

I asked him about the Parataph being the enemy and we went a few rounds of trying to explain things until I finally found out that a better translation for the Parataph wasn’t ‘enemy’ but rather “Those Who

Are Not Us”. Their word for humans roughly translates as ‘The Other Not Us” or “The Other Enemy.”
I think something was lost in translation – but the desire to avoid the “Those Who Are Not Us,” was very strong and with Druckab as our Liaison, Aziz made himself scarce and told me “Do not call on me again.”

I nodded my farewell, but he took my hand and told me, “I am glad you did not follow the path to the fire.”

I wonder how much more they know that they won’t tell us because they don’t want to change the time-line.

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