225-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

August 12th, 2552 – Hauling and Toting – 200
Pilot/Mechanic/Jump-Gate Navigator/Grunt Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

While I’m not the only cross-trained pilot, up until today I was the only Pilot/Mechanic/Jump-gate navigator in the fleet. Today we are adding /Grunt to the title.

Oddly enough cross-training with the military involves a lot of the lifting and toting I perfected at the start of this mission, only this time it was done with others, in unison and a cadence. There was a lot of complaining from the civilian pilots, and the scientists – I mean, that’s why they brought along the military and the convicts – between those two groups, and research assistants/lab technicians, most of their hauling and toting has been done for them.

Needless to say, there was a lot of grumbling, but I get it – this is a tried and true method of getting everyone on the same page, and when it comes to military work — you need everyone on the same page, I just think we’d get more done if we were— you know— actually training.

But – we’re in this for the long haul and I guess haul is the operative word here.

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