23-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 23rd, 2552 Double Life
Pilot, Mechanic’s Trainee, all-around good egg, Katherine ‘Kat’ James reporting

I know I should be tired, I’m working all the time these days, but the jobs are so different, it really doesn’t feel like I’m working – it’s more like I have a job, a hobby, and a bunch of friends who figure they can hitch a ride any time they need.

Okay, the friends are Einherjar who need to inspect the fleet and they aren’t my friends, it’s just that I’m a pilot who’s not fleet. That means I’m not on rotation and it takes less time to rearrange the schedule of a mechanic’s trainee than a fleet pilot.

I’m doing a lot of ‘Hey Pilot 237, we have orders for you to take us to Valhalla.”

Oh, the images that brings to mind.

I finished up my apprentice projects, swept the hangar and started going through the pieces laying on the floor in my bay. It’s a nice change, and hands-on training has always worked well for me.

Let me tell you, building a ship from the ground up is a far cry from coaxing a few more HPM from an engine.

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