24-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 24th, 2552 AWOL

A prison suited Katherine ‘Kat’ James reporting

There is another problem to having too many jobs, I can’t work on my craft until after the day’s assignments are done and the hangar has been swept and mopped.

Then there’s a new duty, making sure all the equipment and spare parts are stocked— then, and only then can I start work on my ship. I didn’t mind, the ship was something that would be mine when it was done.

The only problem is— I’m still a convict and I was not in my barracks for lights out. The first reminder was when one of the guards grabbed my foot and dragged me out from under the fuselage.

Since they didn’t want to wake Daniels— I got to spend the night in the brig. It didn’t do much for the way the peanut gallery saw me— they always knew I was a bad seed.

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