260-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

September 16th, 2552 – Triage
Structural Engineer/Subversive Rescue Operations Director Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

Surveying the wreckage we could see that most of the damage had been done from inside each ship— at least until one or two of them fired on the others. As near as we can tell, the ships that were fired upon were trying to escape the area.

Our medics have been doing double duty – helping the Ani and determining a baseline for their systems and then autopsying the deceased and comparing the differences. In all cases of the deceased, a micro-organism was found to have infected the deceased and increased their outputs of hormones, adrenalin and secreted something that lowered the blood supply to the brain.

It wasn’t until samples of the organism were sent to the skiff for study that we learned why our scientists, and pilots, were able to recover— wasn’t distance from the planet, but rather the trip through the well. It just takes longer if the organisms were hiding inside a person rather than occupying a petri dish.

It makes sense though – if you want to take over an area, you want something easily deployed but it either has to not affect you, or you need a way of getting rid of it. I guess it all depends on how evil, vindictive, and/or suicidal the Lasatiea are.

Something tells me, I’d rather not find out.

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