28-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 28th, 2552 Supply run
Katherine ‘Kat’ James, sometimes pilot, sometimes wrench monkey reporting

I hadn’t noticed it before, but after a day of ‘fun’ everyone seemed friendlier. Even the ‘I”m watching you’ triplets are smiling while they make my life a living hell.

It wasn’t that bad – I ended up being drafted for running supplies between Valhalla and the Valkyrie’s View- with a few side trips to The Thought and The Memory – Something involving off the books supplies and 12-year-old scotch for Cookie.

Yep, start any enterprise, any scale even one with the population of a moderate-sized country spread over 8 ships – a black market will thrive. Let’s face it, we have enough supplies to last quite a few years – hydroponics on each ship and 2 entire levels dedicated to food production on the Valhalla, people are people, and they’re going to want their hooch.

My vices are far simpler – let me see the stars, let me fly. You don’t really realize how important those things are until they almost clip your wings.

In other news, my apprentice project is starting to look more like a ship than a pile of bolts… A lopsided cobbled-together ship— but a ship nonetheless.

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