37-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

February 6th, 2552 Robot arm
Metallurgy trainee/Lab Rat – Katherine ‘Kat’ James Reporting

It would seem that working in an iso suit is like working in a spacesuit that is far more delicate and unforgiving and you have almost no dexterity whatsoever.

Working in an iso suit over a spacesuit is just plain ridiculous. On the bright side, whatever the reaction was it has stopped and doesn’t seem all that interested in organic material, but since the space ship that is keeping us from dying in the vacuum of space is inorganic the end result would be the same.
We need to figure out what caused the reaction and how to prevent it from happening again.

As it is, no one is in any hurry to take the landing gear on board any ship – just in case it starts up again once it has some atmosphere around it.

Today I got to go out and take samples of the landing gear and deliver them to the lab onboard the Twilight of the Gods – hey, if you have a ship eating unknown substance, far better to research it on an already damaged craft than on one of the good ships.

Of course – there’s nothing saying that the isolation lab equipment wasn’t damaged during our wormhole excursion – let’s face it our repairs and reviews were mostly structural – we didn’t worry about equipment that wasn’t in use yet.

Basically, I got to take the samples, take them to isolation and then have one of the specialists use me as their remote equipment.

That way, if there were any mistakes… well… at least you didn’t lose a valued scientist. Just a human guinea pig/robot arm.

I’m on board the twilight until they’re sure whatever it is isn’t going to be transferred to the Valkyrie.

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