61-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

March 1st, 2552 Call Sign
Tow Truck Driver/Lab Rat/mechanic’s apprentice – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

Dancer, Jo-Jo, and to a lesser extent Skip decided that I needed a better call sign than ‘Convict 237’ it didn’t roll off the tongue, and it just has too many syllables. I was hoping they’d go with ‘Kat’ it works better than some of the alternatives.

But of course, Flight Ops had to get involved, then they had to run it by fleet… I hoped for Kat… I got ConV.

At least they’re trying to include me— even if the Admiralty would like to keep me in my place. Then again, we’re in deep space in the middle of no-where and my place is expanding.

In other news, Fleet has decided that the lander crew and their support teams are no longer allowed to travel alone – we are to stay in designated groups and under constant guard in case someone decides they need to go put pennies in charging points.

I’m just not sure if they’re trying to protect us from some threat in the fleet or from ourselves.

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