67-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

March 7th, 2552 Theoretical Time
Tow Truck Driver/Lab Rat/mechanic’s apprentice/ – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

If everything is going according to plan, Dancer will have picked out a landing site and will be preparing to deploy the remote landing craft. Knowing the crew, there will be a long debriefing and they’ll hold off landing until the conditions are perfect, or Dancer can’t take it anymore.

Meanwhile, the fleet is holding its collective breath and the betting pool has given Dancer 21 to 100 against. My money is on Dancer— or it would be if I was allowed to have any.

I spent another day with the mock-up, this time suited and in zero-G. I want to be able to do this blindfolded, but I don’t want to say anything around Cookie, because he would arrange a training session with me suited, in zero-G in the dark – and even I think that’s a bit much.

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