The Author Transformation Alliance – New Flash Contest


(Copied from the Blog entry on the matter)

New year, new flash.  Starting this Saturday, the ATA Flash Contest is going weekly.  Each Saturday at noon, we will post a new prompt – It could be a picture, a word or phrase, or even a link to a song.

You will then have 36 hours to write your story.

The winner will be announced the following Friday.  Winners will be determined by popular vote.

But… and there’s always a ‘but’, the last Saturday of the month we will change things up – the competition will be judged by one of our guest judges, and the winner will receive a prize which will be announced with the competition.

The rules are simple:

  1. One entry per person
  2. Be respectful
  3. Be kind.
  4. Vote for the flash of your choice
  5. Leave comments (see rules 2 and 3)
  6. Have fun.

Look for more information at :

January 6, 2018


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