M.T. Decker PortraitIf you’re looking for musings by the sometimes humorous, often irreverent bass playing, code slinging, writer/musician/artist/poet/journalist, Scrivener junky, and sometimes volunteer M.T. Decker, you’ve found the right place.

If not, feel free to check the links – there’s an eclectic collection of good writers, artists, and things to make you laugh.

Being a computer nerd writer means playing with cool toys, and writing about them.  Currently, I’m waiting for Scrivener 3’s release from Literature & Late.  It’s a tool so helpful in keeping things organized that I even use it as a personal information manager at work… all my notes are there (and searchable).   


Current Projects

Title: Writing As
One Size Fits All and Other Lies Mary T. Decker
Does this Body Armor Make Me Look Fat? Mary T. Decker
Beneath The Bone White Tree M.T. Decker
Between Worlds M.T. Decker
Ember and Ash M.T. Decker
A Year Among the Stars M.T. Decker

One Size Fits All and Other Lies  (the original working title was ‘Keto Hacks for Diabetics’  but the scope changed.) For those who don’t know, just over a year ago I broke my hand and when I went in to see my doctor she cheerfully told me ‘I’ve been trying to get a hold of you…’  it seems my A1C came back way too high, and I was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic.  This book is the end result of my journey to find a sustainable way of eating that would fit my health needs.

Does This Body Armor Make Me Look Fat? is a collection of memoirs and stories from my life as a Deputy Sheriff’s Reserve  (Law enforcement volunteer) – if we had a motto it would be ‘To Serve and Direct.’

Beneath the Bone White Tree is a New Adult Series that revolves around three friends and an ancient evil that is starting to wake up.

Between Worlds is a collection of short stories that take place in a mythical land where stories become history, become legend, become myth. 

Ember and Ash which involves a personification of Death, and their bodyguard… excuse me, travel agent.

A Year Among the Stars –  Deep space exploration, hostile environments, unknown civilizations, a team of scientists, a squad of space marines, and a convict pilot, what could possibly go wrong.   This is a year-long project – a story told in journal format, posting daily for 2020



I am currently consolidating my web page and blog – please stay tuned