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If you're looking for the light--sometimes irreverent--humor and fiction by M.T. Decker, look no further.  

Great news!  FlashDogs Anthology 2 (Solstice) is in its final stages and is due out on or around Father's Day (June 21st, 2015) - It's a great collection of short stories from some of the regular competitors on the FlashFiction circuit, and I've been honored with an invitation to join them.  FlashDogs Solstice Light and Solstice Dark will be available at

Please look around and see what's cooking at Madame Bartholomew's Bed and Breakfast for the Criminally Insane.  

If not, I have links to some great writers and artists and cute kitten pictures available on the links page.

"No matter what I write, no matter what genre (with the possible exception of user manuals), I tend to write character driven stories with heart, humor and personality.  I find people fascinating and how they deal adversity defines who and what they are--  for me, that is the heart of the story.

"I've been told that if I want to 'make it' as a writer I have to commit to one genre and brand myself as a writer of that genre and that genre alone.  If I were to commit, I'd say Science Fiction /Fantasy because it covers the majority of what I write.... but... well... I  am a firm believer in Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

"My current projects include:  'Madame Bartholomew’s Bed and Breakfast for the Criminally Insane,' a collection of short stories,  'Beneath the Bone White Tree,' a YA Horror/Suspense/Urban fantasy series and  I am currently plotting something that can only be described as a paranormal romance/police procedural.  

"These projects are all very different works, in very different genres but they are all very much me."

- M.T. Decker

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