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08/19/2021 Thurs Threads–   Week 476 Winner – “With Age Comes Wisdom”

What the Judge Said:

OMG you made me laugh out loud. This was so great I called Mr. SM in from the other room and READ it to him. He laughed too. That makes this story my winner. The mixture of classical imagery and modern issues facing most people during the Pandemic. Awesomesauce.

My comments

This week’s prompt “You have a question” – the rules are simple – your story has to have the prompt in word order– punctuation can be added but nothing else. – My brian filled in “You have a quest…”  As I wrote, there were some images early on that ended up influencing where the story went.

After that, there was no holding back.

The story:

Snow; sand-drift; hail, it all blended together after a while and still he walked. The Sphinx with its serene countenance, right before it tried to eat his liver, that was fun. Illusions of a thousand delights it offered him, and the genie, not to be outdone offering one thousand and one.

He let his breath out in a huff as he reminded himself that he had a job to do, and they were here to stop him— or prove him worthy.

Twenty-seven steps up the ladder, down two as penance for helping Sisyphus up the hill, then glide to a sudden stop as if on command. He waited in line, as other petitioners made their needs known.

The oracle sat on her jeweled throne dispensing wisdom. Finally, after what felt like eons, it was his turn. He brought her the agreed on price for her answer: peacock feathers in every hue, the seeing eye, and the light of the searcher.

“You have a quest…”

“Ion – that was 5 dollars on its own and 10 if you bundle it with Hallmark and Turner Classic, right?”

“Unless you wish to move up a tier,” the oracle said gesturing towards the next line over.

“Gods no, they aren’t paying me enough.”

With a wave of the oracle’s hand, he was back in his seat, and he took the caller off hold.

“I’m sorry ma’am. Those are your options.”

“What about Hulu?”

He sighed. “Let me consult the ora…er… boss.”

06/17/2021 Thurs Threads–   Week 468 Winner – “Indeglow”

What the Judge Said:

This line is perfect! The call of space is in my veins and I was born with stardust in my eyes. I’d really like to read this book if it becomes one. It’s a complete story as it stands–hard to manage in 250 words, used the prompt perfectly, and is beautifully written.

My comments

This was my entry for the 9th anniversary of ThursTreads – I have a history of I guess trying too hard to win anniversary contests – this time I really didn’t have time to second guess myself – and it was one of those times where I gave up on trying to win and just wrote. 

I need to do that more often.

I fogot about the story until I went to update this page – about 2 months after the fact and this time, I was struck by the imagry – sometimes when you read something you wrote – there is a good version of ‘I wrote this?’ this was one of those stories

The story:

As I escape into the indigo, my afterburners trace my path and I can breathe again. I don’t belong on the ground. Some people need the greens of growing things, the browns of fertile earth, the green people, the grounders.

Its funny how we can look at the same thing and see something very different. People have claimed colors for their causes and used them to draw political lines but for me, the colors we choose are the colors of our worlds.

The blue people like the oceans and the skies, the greensmen like the growing world of earth, the gray and gold are drawn to the cities, that grow up between the blue and the green worlds. Worlds between worlds within worlds

Worlds of sand and snow. Worlds of fire and cool winds. They are beautiful, but I am bound to the indigo of space. Alone I chart my course, traveling to worlds of ice, and chemical mixes that would eat the paint off of their ivory towers. They call me a pariah because I can’t live in their world. I don’t belong there any more than they belong in mine. But I will always welcome them.

The call of space is in my veins and I was born with stardust in my eyes. Stars are born and die out here, and no matter how many times I leave, it takes me back, as it always does.

They say I’m just a pilot, but I am so much more.

04/15/2021 Thurs Threads–   Week 459 Winner – “Don’t Talk to Strangers”

What the Judge Said:

I love a good dog story. And here we had a warm-hearted vet hosting a radio show for nervous pet owners. Something reminding me of 1950s suburbia. So I blindly stumbled straight into the fantastical surprise, lulled by the apparent normalcy of the story. Until… Cerberus. Just think if that pup had chosen to “get lovies” from the poor bastard who broke in!

My comments

I too love my dog – and well – he’s the kind of big dog who will love you to death.

The story:

“Hello, you’re on the air with Dr. Francis,” DVM Mark Francis stated as the board op took the first call.

“I was wondering if you could help me with my dog. He hasn’t been acting like himself lately.”

“Well, that’s why we’re here— although please remember, while we can offer advice we should not be seen as a replacement for your vet.”

“It’s not serious, at least I don’t think it is it’s just— he’s not acting right.”

Dr. Francis nodded to himself as he listened, not only to the man’s words to his tone and how he spoke as if he had all the time in the world.

“So— can you give me an example?”

“Well, someone broke into my house,” the caller answered. “And he froze… like he wasn’t sure if he should attack, herd the person out, or get lovies.”

Dr. Francis smiled at the phrase ‘get lovies.’ It never ceased to amaze him how the coldest person out there could melt at the thought of their dog.”

“Well, those are three very different drives coming into play and all of those are normal reactions, albeit any given dog will usually only have one reaction. What did you want him to do?”

“I guess I just wanted him to scare the person away.”

“And did he?”

“Sort of,” the man answered. “But I think that was more the three heads than anything he actually did.”

“Three? Sir, what’s your dog’s name?”


“…as in…”


“Next caller!”

04/09/2021 Thurs Threads–   Week 458 Winner – “Banish Misfortune”

What the Judge Said:

Truth be told, I hate present tense. However, while I read this, I hardly noticed and genuinely enjoyed the short. It was well written and flowed well throughout the piece. I absolutely loved those sensory descriptions!

My comments

The only ting I really remembered about this story was the fact that I used a song from the O’Carolan collection – Banish Misfortune, but re-reading it- I do like the story I ended up with. (I also love it when a judge says something along the lines of “I don’t usualy like…”

03/18/2021 Thurs Threads–   Week 455 Winner – “Words”

What the Judge Said:

She reminds us that magical or not, words have power, power that can lift you up and define yourself.

My comments

As I recall this was inpired in part by current politics and how someone should have been alone in their hatered. But where you parse those words makes a difference, and I’ve always felt that word choice is a very importnant thing (as is punctuation)

The story:

There are words, phrases we should never utter. Words of have power here, the power of intent. When you speak them, whether they are heard or not, the power goes where it will and intent has consequences. These are the words you must unlearn.”

Then there are the words and phrases, whose power is stronger than any other. Soft words, that can overpower even the strongest of emotions.

Words like ‘love’, ‘kindness’, ‘agape.’ These are the words that you must learn.

When you put evil out into the world, it takes on a life of its own. It strikes at people needlessly— people who are already alone, and hurting and they see it as a sign that the universe is against them.

It is not. The universe itself does not care. It is inanimate, and it is we who must make our way in it it does not help or hinder. It simply is.

As for the man who hates? You can say ‘he should have been alone’ and to that I say, he was and that was where his hate was born, under the full moon of self-loathing and pain.

He should have been alone in his hate, but put those words out into the universe and they were answered. I say— he should not have been alone. There should have been someone to correct him and bring him back to the words of true power.

Hate destroys what love builds, but love echoes on.

12/31/2020 Thurs Threads–   Week 445 Winner – “Last Call”

What the Judge Said:

She gets the win because: Latin curses gone all wrong. 🙂

My comments

This was a fun one, which usually bodes well for me – if I enjoyed writing it, Someone usually will enjoy reading it (I hope)

The story:

The corporate lawyers flooded into the board room, quoting Latin legal phrases about due process. They were just a series of fractured phrases crashing together in my head.

Habeas Corpus Delicti, Ex Parte, post facto, quid pro quo

It sounded like a conjuring in a bad ‘made for television’ movie but even as they spoke I couldn’t help but think, ‘He should be here.’

“To Negotiate this settlement we can proceed without Daniels being present,” the chief lawyer stated.


“How what?” he asked, and I could tell from the expression on his face he was trying to find out who had invited me and fire them.

“How can you ‘settle’ a complaint that has no grounds, against a man who’s not here and give away the company he created?” I asked. “You do know that he’s your boss, right?”

“And as such, we have the right, no the duty to keep the company solvent in his absence,” he chief lawyer said, to a course of what sounded like Latin agreement.

“He should be here,” I sighed

“Should doesn’t stop the clock. If and when he returns, we will bring him up to speed.”

“If and when?” I asked. “He went to the bathroom. He’s been gone three minutes.”

In the background under their breaths, I heard the final portion of their incantation.

“Ipso facto, quod erat demonstrandum.”

I’m not sure what was proven, but in the morning I was there and they weren’t. Perhaps they mispronounced ‘demonstrandum.’

11/20/2020 Thurs Threads–   Week 440 Winner – “Not What I Expected”

What the Judge Said:

I’m usually not a fan of poetry. As a person who reads and writes prose, poetry often makes me roll my eyes. But the rare exceptions are the poems that make me think, that hint at more than they say, and whisper about truths hidden just beyond their face-value. This tale was like that and led me to introspection and contemplation. Well done.

My comments

One of the things I remember from poetry and writing classes were the discussions about stories/lyrics that stick with you – that haunt you and sometimes taunt you – this is actually what I love about poetry.

The professor’s example was from an old  middle englinsh song where only a few lyrics survived (and it could mean so many things)…

Westron wynde when wyll thow blow
the smalle rayne downe can Rayne
Cryst yf my love were in my Armys
And I yn my bed Agayne.

The poem could be a becalmed sailor, or a beleagered farmer… 

In the case of this entry the title was because – the story/poem that came out was indeed… Not what I expected.

The poem:

You keep your little secrets,
In a jar by the door,
They litter your life
So you tried to round them up
But you can never keep them straight.
The big secrets, those have a way of getting out
And then life is never the same.
Your little secrets make you feel safe
Make you feel kind
But the real secrets,
Those are the ones that could kill
So you keep your little secrets,
Where everyone can see
While you go on safari
To hunt the big ones down.
They lie in weight
Too massive to ignore
They lie in time
Fading in and out of sight.
The little secrets won’t kill you
But they can hurt you just the same
It’s the big ones that shatter
It’s the big ones that break
So you hunt them in the dark
Knowing you can’t outrun the truth.

8/27/2020 Thurs Threads–   Week 427 Honorable Mention – ” The Lugwrench of Truth”

What the Judge Said:

This tale is short, sweet, and to the point. I enjoyed it a lot!

My comments

Usually, I’m a lot more verbose, but this one came to me (at the 11th hour…well, the 11th and 40 minutes) and it told a bittersweet story in 147 words.

The story:

There were words between us. A world of mixed messages and places where we both had failed the other. But looking at him in the twilight, I knew we hadn’t crossed or burnt anything that couldn’t be rebuild. The question was – how did he feel about it?

I looked at him as he struggled with the wheel and stepped forward. “Let me help you,” I offered, then backed away as he snapped at me.

I stood there dumbfounded as he accused me of belittling him. And that was when I realized, that our experience was what got in the way.

Both of us assumed that the other fit the patterns of the past. I handed him the lug wrench as an offering of peace. If he didn’t bury it in my skull, we had a chance.

It wasn’t going to be pretty— but we had a chance.

8/13/2020 Thurs Threads–   Week 426 Winner – ” The Battle of Ted’s Deli”

What the Judge Said:

This tale threw me for a loop! I love how the author turned a menial task into a fight, and had me completely fooled on the fight until the mop bucket came into play. (Maybe I should have paid more attention to the title. Lol.) The ending finished with a bang in a fashion I love. Great tale, and great use of the prompt!

My notes:

When I was inspired to write this, with the prompt “Time to Go Into Battle”, my mind went into Shootout at the OK corral– with Mr. Clean, but as I wrote it, I realized it was a very psychotic Mr. Clean.  

The Story

The Battle of Ted’s Deli

I told them I was going to clean up this town, and that is what I planned to do. I held no illusions that it would be exactly what it was, war. And almost as soon as I made my bold statement there were people gunning for me.

I loaded up a wide array of weapons and implements to make the job easier but I could tell people were waiting for me to fail. Well, some of them were, others were getting ready to make sure I failed.

I surveyed the town, read through the records, and figured out my plan of attack. It wasn’t going to be pretty, but I knew what I had to do. Weapons holstered, I headed out to the south side of town, all the naysayers gathered on the North end, just watching me.

“Time to go into battle,” I said and wheeled my mop bucket to the corner deli. I could hear the wheels squeak and before I knew it the naysayers were gathered around me.

“You’ll want to use ammonia on that.” One suggested. “No, vinegar!” another suggested.

By the time I finished at the deli, I’d had enough. I mixed the ammonia with the bleach and walked away. Now I could clean in peace.

8/06/2020 Thurs Threads–   Week 425 Honorable mention – ” Peptalk”

What the Judge Said:

Love how this story had me going one way – and spun my head around at the end. Love that even with the title – I did not not see punchline of the story to very last moment

7/30/2020 Thurs Threads–   Week 424 Winner – “Trouble Loves Company”

What the Judge Said:

“Curiosity killed the cat. Great tale makes me wonder how much of the rollerblade escapade is based in reality. Overall the tale had a great flow, humor and sarcasm and made it my favorite for the week.”


7/2/2020 Thurs Threads–   Week 420 Winner – “Reflections”

What the Judge Said:

“I loved the twist. Did not expect it at all and then to read that the character was the author of basically his own story? YES!.”

4/9/2020 Thurs Threads–   Week 408 Winner – “Team Building Failure”

What the Judge Said:

“I laughed so hard I woke up Demon Dog (my judge’s picture) and had to bribe him with animal crackers to let me finish. The conversation flowed beautifully, I could totally sympathize with the MC, and I absolutely did not see that ending coming. I’m saving this one to read over and over again.”

My Comments

I was updating this page, and when I read the Judge’s comment, I ended up going back to re-read the story and had to chuckle so.. I’m adding it here.

The Story

Team Building Failure

He was in hell. He hated these ‘team-building’ games, they were torturous but word had come from on high, and he was stuck playing their game.

He read the piece of paper and started drawing, the guessing began immediately after.

“A tisket?”

“What the hell is a ‘tisket’!?”

He shook his head and pointed to the drawing. He needed them to focus or the game would never end. He pointed and then circled the inside of his drawing.

“A basket.”

“There’s a hole in the basket!”

This was going to be a lot harder than he first thought. He circled the bottom of the basket and began praying.

“Not a hole… an egg?”

Before he could stop them, his team was off and running in the wrong direction.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatched.”

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

“Because there’s a hole in the basket.”

Angrily, he drew flames trying to get them to pull it together.

“There’s a fire in the basket?”

“Fire in the hole!”

“Wait… someone was fired for putting all his eggs in one basket.”

“Because there was a hole in it.”

“Will you leave off the with the hole…”

He was dying.

Finally, his second in command yelled “Hell!” and things were rolling again.

Deviled eggs!

“The road to hell is…”

He couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out “In a… basket… Hell in a handbasket, I swear!”

It was the last time Satan played Pictionary with the staff.

4/2/2020 Thurs Threads– Week 407 Winner – “Before its prime”

What the Judge Said:

” It’s only 179 days.That was a very fun tale, the humor was excellent for the scene whether you’re in the deep Arctic or deep space. It had a great flow to it.”

3/20/2020 Thurs Threads– Week 405 Honorable Mention – “Ulterior Moves”

What the Judge Said:

” I normally don’t do space stories but I do want more of this one. Start fixing the easy, small project to realize someone wants everyone gone. How is it going to be fixed, solved ..I want answers.”

1/30/2020 Thurs Threads– Week 398 Winner – “Destination Unknown”

What the Judge Said:

” The world-building is succinct but places the reader “right there.” The characters are also succinct and fully formed giving the reader most of what they need to know in very few words. And finally, a sentient planet FTW!.”

1/9/2020 Thurs Threads– Week 395 Winner – “Nice Doggy”

What the Judge Said:

” This tale seemed like the usual not-quite trusting conversation between uneasy partners – until the end. That one line about the Sig Sauer put it into perspective real quick. Great tale.”


1/3/2020 Thurs Threads– Week 394 Winner – “Mistaken Identiy”

What the Judge Said:

” I’m very intrigued by the premise. What are shamblers? Are they zombies? Will there be more of the story? I’m already hooked! There was quite a bit of world building in such a short amount of words. Excellent job!!”

6/28/2018 Thurs Threads – Week 321 Winner- “Mortimer-ified
 What the Judge Said:

 I read this one multiple times, and I laughed every time. One of the hard things about writing humor is resisting the urge to explain your jokes to the reader, and the M.T. Decker just laid it out there and left it for the reader to enjoy. I’m laughing again just thinking about poor Mortimer.

6/18/2018 Thurs Threads Week 318 Winner – “Lost
 What the Judge Said:

Siobhan says: In so many of our stories, once the woman’s been wronged, she hides and fades away, never to be seen again. But in reality, women don’t do that. And some of them actively turn the tides. I liked the strong ending, her older self giving her the will to return.

6/1/2018 Thurs Threads – Week 317 Winner – “Served Cold
 What the Judge Said:

Silver says: This is a tightly written story that is fully evolved and a very twisty use of the prompt. A good character knows when to CYA. I hope there is a larger story here because I’d like to read it.

11/6/2015 Thurs Threads – Week 192 – Winner – “Count Down
 What the Judge Said:

George says: That was one funny tale I thought it was a bank robbery had a smile when it was the smoke alarm.

6/11/2015 Thurs Threads – Week 171 Honrable Mention – “A Day in the Life”
 What the Judge Said:

Veronica says: Hilarious and as an author, I could totally relate to the premise. Sometimes those dedications really induce writers’ block LOL. And we won’t even discuss doing blurbs…

6/11/2015 Midweek Blues Buster  3.01 Winner- “Walking Away with Death by My Side”
 What the Judge Said:

I love the feel of this story, the starkness and the wry humor that comes out as the narrative moves along. Very crisp, and I’m a sucker for good, crisp prose.

6/5/015 FlashMobWrites 1×15 Under Boss “Letting Go”
What the Judges Said:

Cara Says: I love this twisty little tale, and to be honest, the only reason this didn’t snag top honors for me is because it’s more of a “telling” piece than a “showing” piece. The concept is so intriguing, and this is something I would love to see expanded, with all that wonderful ghostly noir developed.

Ruth Says: This is a great piece and I’d love to see it in novella form. There is so much to chew on here and I love that she is able to confront her betrayer. Wonderful concept! 🙂

6/5/2015Thurs Threads – Week 170 Honrable Mention – “Ember and Ash”
 What the Judge Said:
      Subtle and lovely. The ending and realization of this short tale provided chills.

5/29/2015  FlashFriday – Volume 3-25 Honorable Mention  “Double Edged”
  What the Judges Said:

J: This left me with so many questions. Who wrote the letter? Were they the ones who had been defeated or were they truly the victors? And the letter in itself was so haunting that I was unable to get it out of my head. Brilliant take and I’d love to have read more.
IR: Please, please, please let me get what I want! Answers, resolutions, something to calm this itch that refuses to be narratively scratched. An intriguing take on the prompt, that left me as beguiled as bewildered.

FlashMobWrites 1×13 UnderBoss “I’m Not Biter and These aren’t Tears in my Eyes”
What the Judge Said:

She really explains the feeling of loss, and the acknowledgement of it, yet aware of the unwillingness to compound it with more. The anger keeps what little is left alive. I loved the understanding in this tale. Really hit home for me.

3/20/2015 FlashMobWrites 1×04 UnderBoss “Common Ground”
What the Judges Said:

Cara Says: Holy cow, this was a tough call. The solid character interaction and writing almost put this tale on top this week. I laughed out loud at Evans’ c’est la vie acceptance of his role in the coming undercover operation. Nice job!

Ruth Says: I love a good detective story and the twist of the ‘cool’ guys really just being enthusiastic about the job and bringing in the ‘not-so-cool’ guy was fun to see.

Flash Friday Vol 3-13 Special Mention-“Malappropirate” 
What the Judges Said:

Title That Most Demanded a Dictionary Check: M.T. Decker, “Malappropriate.” (Still confused even now.)

12/15/2014  Flash Friday Vol 3-1 Special Mention-“With an Empty Cup and an Open Heart” 
 What the Judge Said:

Pulling at the Heart Strings: MT Decker, “With an Empty Cup and an Open Heart.” For making me begin to write the IR offspring sage, albeit bad, advice.

12/11/2014Thurs Threads – Week 147  Honrable Mention – “It just takes longer”
 What the Judge Said:

It took me a couple of readings to suss out what was going on, but once I did—BOOM! There were so many unanswered questions, though. I spent way more time than is probably wise to admit trying to puzzle out the answers in the words given, but ended up tying my brain in knots and coming up with still MORE questions! If there was a “Made Me Think” badge, this would win it.

12/04/2014Thurs Threads – Week 146 Honrable Mention – “For the Hell of it”
 What the Judge Said:

Kirsten says: You did an amazing job tying in a lot of detail with a minimal word count. I could totally see this as a more in depth story, but it works as a short too. You focus on the details of the character’s actions and their mission without compromising the quality of the piece. Great job. I would love to read more about this adventure.

12/07/2014  Flash Friday Flash Versary 2 – Semifinalst – “To the Victors” 

Flash Friday Vol 2-51- Special Mention-“At the Edge”
 What the Judge Said:

Great Twist: MT Decker, “At the Edge.” The reading process for “At the Edge” went something like this: Nice. Good day at the beach. Sweet description. Nice sense of longing. Good coming of ag—ACK!!! We love reading experiences like that at Splickety.

08/24/2014 Flash Friday Vol 2-37- Honorable Mention –“Alone” 
 What the Judge Said:

M. T. Decker, “Alone.” At first glance, this story stands on the strength of its surprise ending. We get the drama of the experience of being marooned, the introspection that goes along with it, only to have it both undermined and strengthened by learning Nox is actually looking at a painting. The use of the palindrome is quite interesting as well, both tying this story to exile (in Elba) and warning us that everything’s about to be flipped.

07/0/2014 Flash Friday Dog Days – Second Place “Bazaar Fun”

06/06/2014  Christian Flash Weekly  #10  Winner –“Ineffable”  
 What the Judge Said:

“Ineffable.” Loved the title—this word is not used often enough, and it is so wonderfully apt for this tiny story. Though part of me will still feel sick for a long time over losing the contract and the celebratory trip to Antigua. J I loved the MC’s determination at the end to bring hope when there was none to be had in what waited for him. What a gorgeous concept! That’s a truth worth holding onto.

WINNER: M. T. Decker, for showing us a company owner’s son who brought hope to a place where he was unwanted and despised. This story is compact, loaded with meaning and crisp writing. What a great job.

06/03/2014 Thurs Threads – Week 123 Honrable Mention – “The interview”
 What the Judge Said:

Reading through this one, I could just imagine myself as Cassia. I some times have two left feet and I’m pretty sure that if I was in that situation, the same thing would happen to me. I could see it all playing out in front of me as I read it, chuckling at what I felt was snark at the end. Snark is good

Flash Friday Vol 2-25- Honorable Mention –“With Apologies to the Bard” 
 What the Judge Said:

“I enjoyed the flow of this one, the first poem I’ve seen at Flash! Friday, and what I read as wry humor. Specifically,

Will we live in a garden of possibilities
Or realize that freedom comes with
12-12-12 fertilizer.

Is there a deeper meaning here- one that mocks those who take freedom for granted? Either way, I liked this Flash Poem, I even got a chuckle out of the title after reading the story.

5/16/2014 Flash Friday Vol 2-23- Honorable Mention – “Shades of Gray”
 What the Judge Said:

This is well thought out, witty, and humorous story. The Grey Lady trying to get the colors into the period photographs is a familiar character of an eager intern. A realistic portrayal of office dynamics!

05/12/201455 Word Challenge – Overachiever – “Plans for the Afterlife”

05/09/2014Flash Friday Vol 2-22-  Honorable Mention –“Destroyer of Worlds”
 What the Judge Said:

Highly entertaining with a twist I love and didn’t see coming. Mary made my day with this one.

05/08/201455 Word Challenge – Overachiever – “Injustice”

05/08/2014Thurs Threads – Honrable Mention – “Zero Day Change”
 What the Judge Said:

Tight, tense little piece of office nastiness. Very effective use of repetition with the prompt.

05/06/2014 Mid-Week Blues-Buster – Second Plade – “Long Time Going”
 What the Judge Said:

Very strong descriptions, such as being kept on file or the reference to smoker’s fingers. Very well hidden twist at the end, but when going back and reading it again, it’s all right there. Very Sixth Sense-y and well executed. Plenty of room for the imagination to fill in the gaps that led her to this course of events, from the attraction they had before to finding them in this state.

05/01/2014  55 Word Challenge – Winner – “Under Your Skin”
 What the Judge Said:

I loved this! Beautifully written

04/25/2014  Thurs Threads – Honorable Mention – “One  More Thing”
 What the Judge Said:

What a delightfully evil twist you threw in at the end. Those are always so much fun.

04/21/2014  Mid-Week Blues-Buster – Second Place – “In the Dark, a Choice”
 What the Judge Said:

Wow, so powerful. At first I thought it was a woman losing her lover/husband to another woman, but the twist of finding her fighting for his life, trying to convince him to stay with her nailed it for me. A deadly game and she’d only won the first round, but there’s hoped. Well done. 

04-20-2014Flash!Friday Vol 2-19 First Runner Up – “Murder on the Marrakesh Express”
  What the Judge Said: 

The final line was sheer brilliance. I have to admit, though I read this blind, I had a good idea M. T. Decker wrote this. Hers is a voice easily recognized, as she is a truly unique talent. M on the ME is loaded with conflict, the main character a vibrant personality. I can’t help but wonder where that crow was headed with its treasure. Is there a colony of rogue thieves below-ground? Oh, and that title … perfection!

02-17-2014  Christian Flash Weekly (On hiatus) – Winner (by default)- “A Quiet Kinda Love”

02-03-2014 Race The Date- Honorable Mention – “Perspective”
  What the Judge Said: 

Again with the ending zinger! Chuck E. Cheese? That is a battle nightmare.

01-27-2014Race The Date Honorable Mention – “RE: reason”
  What the Judge Said: 

You have a gift for suckering readers into laugh-out-loud moments. I enjoyed the dictionary-fueled REbellion against the reunion, but snort-laughed in a completely undignified manner at Molly’s final line, tossed out so casually, yet exposing the heart of her REsistance.

01-23-2014  ThursThreads – Honorable Mention – “Backfire”
  What the Judge Said: 

Oh, man, these guys are in so much trouble, but you know Kevin’s not going to like what Sean’s going to do to get them noticed and unnoticed. LOL Nicely done, Ms. Decker.

01-20-2014  Race The Date – Winner – “Under Pressure”
 What the Judge Said: 

Here’s another winner where the final line sealed the deal. I can almost hear this character in my mind, going on about life in this colony (and going on) and then, BAM! Oh, by the way, did I mention I’m batshit crazy? Unreliable narrator for the win.

12-20-2014  Flash!Friday Vol 2-2 – Special Mention – “Lone Sentry”

 What the Judge Said: 
I must mention judge M.T. Decker‘s entry. This piece of writing creates an incredible contrast between what is seemingly innocent/good (the snow and snowman) and what is reality and, in many ways, corrupt (the hidden soldier in the snowman). It was a piece that left my jaw drop

11-22-2013   Flash!Friday #51- Honorable Mention- “Singing a Dragon’s Praise” 
 What the Judge Said: 

This was well-drawn writing, but the crazy humor of the twist had me laughing and then smiling for quite some time! Thank you!

11-15-2013   Flash!Friday #50- Best closing line – “Beyond the Pale” 
 What the Judge Said: 

“Death may ride a pale horse, but life rides a palomino.” From “Beyond the Pale,” by MT Decker. I laughed long and hard at this great comedic ending.

11-09-2013  Indies Unlimited “Fire Escape” – Winner – “Chicaog Fired”
   Popular Vote

11-08-2013  Flash!Friday #49 – Winner –  “Bottleneck.”
What the Judge Said: 

I chose “Bottleneck” as the winning story, perhaps more for the surprise and originality than anything. For this story to have been about a battle, the diction and imagery were wonderful, so vivid and detailed. That twist at the end just floored me. It made me realize that all these stories could possibly be seen from a multitude of view points. The story was crafted beautifully, and every line seemed to have a purpose. It was just great writing.

11-04-2013  Race The Date – Winner – “The Universal Truth of Time Travel” 
 What the Judge Said: 

This. Made. Me. Laugh. Out loud. And it also made me think. This entry starts as a treatise—or essay. But there is a story here and the rhythm of the language, and the idea behind it, is delightful  

10-18-2013 Flash!Friday #46 – Honorable Mention –  “Unbearable Solitude.”
What the Judge Said: 

Although I doubt a “not-too-bright” guy would be sent to a research station in Antarctica, this is a well-plotted story with the kind of twist I like, and the title is a great pun.

09-20-2013   Flash!Friday #42 – Honorable Mention / 1 of Best Title Winners for  “Madame Bartholomew’s Bed and Breakfast for the Criminally Insane” 
What the Judge Said:  

The first two-thirds of this story you think you’re in Marie Bartholomew’s head as she contemplates a purchase of real estate; then, the twist comes in, and you laugh and cry a little. 

 What the Judge Said:  – Title Contest  

This was the first title I saw which really drew me in, and it makes you laugh and yet makes you wonder what’s to come. 

08-16-2013  Flash!Friday #37 – Honorable Mention –  “Caprinae Diem.”
What the Judge Said: 

This one literally made me LOL. Great use of malapropisms as puns

07-29-2013  Flash!Friday #34 – Honorable Mention –  “Good Eats”
What the Judge Said: 

Excellent, well-written piece. I love its originality and the unexpected twist at the end. I did not expect “good eats” to mean humans as dragon food! Great job.

07-19-2013   Flash!Friday #33 – Winner- “Engineering Dream”
What the Judge Said: 

I hesitated at first to pick this one because I know I’m biased towards sci-fi (most of my own writing is in this genre). But in the end I had no choice: I just had to give you credit for this unique take on the prompt. Now all I can see in the photo is coolant and a reactor. That’s talent – in 200 words you completely changed my point of view. Amazing work. Congratulations.

07-05-2013   Flash!Friday  #31 – First Runner Up- “Heritage”
What the Judge Said: 

This lovely little tale bridges the thematic difference between the honorable mention and the second runner up. There’s innocence. And indifference. There’s what must have been a horrific battle, but with more distance and a greater sense of duty. And then the indifference and distance are overcome as the main character realizes the meaning of honor and sacrifice andbravery. Awesome.

06-21-2013 Flash!Friday #29 – First Runner Up- “A Secret Worth Keeping”
What the Judge Said: 

Magical, and reminiscent of so many myths and legends of artists/craftsmen and their works, from Pygmalion to Gepetto and onwards. Good beginning stretching into a lovely, strong climax-of-intent, followed by a very strong ending! The characters of painter and his lady are spare but come across so clearly – and I love the answer you gave for her secret smile.

06-14-2013  Flash!Friday #28 – First Runner Up- “Immortalized”
What the Judge Said: 

This one completely took me by surprise. It was really well written with a great twist. Haunting, creepy and took the story in a direction that no one else did. I was quite impressed. 

06-07-2013  Flash!Friday #27 – Honorable Mention – “Shooting the Rapids”
What the Judge Said: 

Excellent play on words!

05-31-2013  Flash!Friday #26 – Honorable Mention – “Not a Potato”
 What the Judge Said: 

When all seems lost, a man finds new hope in his children. Very touching.

My Comment

This is what got me hooked – I remember some of the story, but more than anything, I remember how having someone like the story made all the world for me.– and I was hooked.


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