Other Favorites

There are a lot of other authors who have influenced my writing, grace my book cases with their works and fill my time with delight.  In no particular order:

Douglas Adams: A man whose writing (and way of twisting words in on their ear) continues to delight and amaze me to this day.  From his writing I learned a bit more about comedic timing and how to twist words into new and interesting phrases.

Lloyd Alexander: He wrote some of my favorite children’s stories to date, and I learned that adventure isn’t just for the young and the importantce of writing for your audience as a whole,  and I have always respected the way he could weave tales for chilfen without talking down to them.  I appreciated that as a child, and I strive to follow that example as an adult  

Jim Butcher:  Author of my latest reading addiction – The Dresden Files.  His writing is evetything I love about hardboiled detectives with the irreverence of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  He’s created characters that are real enough I want to shake them when they’re being human and his style really works.

Neil Gaiman
 – I don’t think I can say enough about Neil Gaiman’s writing.  My first introdcution to him was “Sandman”, my second was “Good Omens.”  From his writing (and Terry Prechet) I learned that you can be funny and serious at the same time.

Barbara Hambly: A writer, who was one of the first authors I got to read who created strong male and female characters.  Up until then, one gender or the other was yelling “Oh, help, help help… I seem to be in trouble… again.”  I loved that and I find myself carrying on in that tradtion.  I don’t writer genders, I write people.

J.D. Harkleroad – The first author I ever knew personally: my aunt.  I remember reading her first novel ‘Freeze out’ and being hooked.  I’m glad she’s still writing, and I can think of no finer way to show my respect for her than to keep writing myself.

R.L. King: A friend and author, and the first of us to publish!  Rat’s writing has always amazed and entertained me, and I’m glad she tested the waters first.

Terry Prachet – The other half of the team that brought us “Good Omens”

J.K. Rowling: J.K. An author who got the next generation reading again.  Something I think we, as writers, all aspire to.