A Year Among The Stars – Update

Wow. This year has really vanished

Exiting a wormhole

Playing with Flamepainter


Things have been interesting lately. I’ve been working on multiple projects – First, there was the Christmas Anthology that was– then there was the Anthology that wasn’t. Communications kinda fell apart and I was writing and working but I got forgotten. Yeah- that happens.

So, I ended up with a new accountability partner and we actually have been meeting pretty much every week. Fortunately, my accountability partner is, among other things, a grief counselor. I knew enough about grief to know it hits you in ways you never expected– but I learned, what you’re grieving isn’t always what you thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss my dad, but if I’m being honest – I am my dad. When I miss him, all I have to do is be me and there he is.

Turns out – I was missing what I thought the world was, what I thought people were and it’s taken some time but if I want to live in that world again– I have to make it, and part of that is finishing what you start.

So, AYATS got pulled out of moth-balls and I turned it over to my very capable Partner in Crime,  C. Stuart Marshall. They kindly went through the story and read it (for the first time) editing some as they went, now it’s back in my court for formatting and a final read-through. I’ve been playing with the cover and finally getting back down to the business of writing.

It means more long nights, editing, too much caffeine, and a lot less hiding. But… it’s on its way.

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