Poetry Corner

This Dance

This dance, this madcap dance.
We move like planets in orbit around the sun,
We touch like leaves swaying in the breeze
never knowing if our stars will once again align
or if this pass in this crazy dance is all we have
there are words: Bliss; Ecstasy; Duende
Where the dancer becomes the dance
And nothing else exists
So lost in the dance are we
We forget that leaves fall, that orbits decay,
And one pass might be all we have.
So we dance, with all our hearts
and live with all our love,
spinning round like galaxies, hoping it is enough,
and that our partners know
That they will dance forever in our hearts
Spinning round like galaxies,
So beautiful, yet very far away.
Close as the heart-beat rhythm that bound us,
if only for a moment
Where the drummers and dancers met.
– M.T. Decker

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