07-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the stars

January 7th, 2552 The more you know…

They say the more you know the less you understand. Personally I want to find whoever ‘they’ are and slap them in the back of the head.

After our morning inspection and commisary duties, we were to report to our assignments for the day. In my case, I got to go to the hangar and  learn about capicitors, static discharge and never trust your equipment when Mathers has access to the computers.

I was working my way through an engine’s wiring when my datapad started playing Soduku, with itself. I expected some kind of retribution from the non-specialist conscriptees who were doing laundry, but Mathers has his computer access. 

He wasn’t doing it to get even– he was just doing it because he could. He did relent before Cookie caught me, but he played it really close. 

I got to work on the engine and then I got to clean the hangar from top to bottom. I’m beginning to envy the guys in laundry.

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