119-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 28th, 2552 Back to the Basics
Exploration Team /Pilot of Schroedinger’s Kat/ – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

When you can’t make sense of things, its usually because they don’t make sense, or you’re missing something. Sometimes the missing things are small, sometimes it’s a world of science and technology that are simply beyond your understanding— but there are usually pieces you can learn and build on to figure them out.

In our case – the ship was left on Dancer’s retreat so we could find it, there is no other reason. This would also explain our visitors, but why they didn’t just destroy it and leave is beyond me. I mean, I get that they were trying to be subtle, but they’ve gone beyond that.

Destroying the Twilight of the Gods— that was not subtle. Killing Jo-Jo? I don’t know if that was subtle or accidental, but it doesn’t really matter. Another crewmate, a fellow pilot, a friend is gone.

… And I’m now back on the flight team…

Tomorrow I begin working on landings and takeoffs from planetary objects that haven’t been mapped, do not follow standard rotation and are, general potential death traps, and me, idiot that I am and giddy about it.

Today’s heavy bag session actually brought Tower into the gym and instead of the heavy bag we spared. In addition to pointers like ‘keep my guard up’ Tower told me that Fipps might be onto something, and he’d have more for me then, provided I survived.

And then he faked me out and knocked me to the mat. “I told you— keep your guard up,” was his parting shot as he went to the locker room.

Yeah, if my enemies don’t kill me, my friends will, is it sad that I love this life?

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