129-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 8th, 2552 Curiously Random
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic – Schroedinger’s Kat Reporting

With 4 probe craft and the Valkyrie’s View performing the scans, we got a very good picture of the moons and the surrounding solar system. The atmosphere on Random is almost earth-like, with slightly lower 02 levels while Curious looks like it would be closer to earth-norm, but is more like how earth would be if it lost half its ozone layer.

We’ve taken to exploring on foot with Einherjar watching over us— well over the scientists. I’m back to just shuttling people wherever they want to go. Or at least I was until the lizards showed up again.

Suddenly I was the center of attention.

Fipps wanted to catch one and see how they manage to pretty much phase in and out of our reality at will. I had to keep him away from them. They seem to like me and I’m not going to use that against them.

Looks like we’ll be focusing on the moons for different reasons.

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