133-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 12th, 2552 Older and Wiser
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic – Schroedinger’s Kat Reporting

My discussions with the brass and the scientists are becoming less temporal and more philosophical.

They’ve tried explaining the equipment to the Fates, who the brass considers not technologically advanced enough to be classified as advanced, but they do agree with me that they are leaps and bounds ahead of us.

One of the Fates, along with one of the lizards have attached themselves to me, both to learn our ways and to try and learn how to communicate. The lizard just likes me.

Because of who and what we are, I’ve taken to calling him, Aziz. Aziz, in turn, has taken to calling me, the Young One. Still, it’s better than 237.

It seems that Aziz is young by The Fate’s reckoning. The wider your range— the older you are? It’s a little hard to follow, but Aziz always falls back to my relationship with the lizard, as if to say – we’re you– you’re the lizard. The Fates are beyond our comprehension, but it seems that the older me has made an impression on them.

They say I still visit them, and Aziz misses me— the older me, because I have great stories to tell, but when he tried to share one with me— I couldn’t understand it. It was all images and flashes. I could sense laughter and sadness and a sense of aching aloneness that hurt.

Aziz decided I had had enough and gently patted my chest as if to say— it’s okay. It was a slight change, but maybe the older me had at least convinced them that stroking the chest of a mammal is different than stroking the chest of the reptile.

Then again, just to be sure – I asked the lizard. He rubbed his head against my finger and then chittered at me when I didn’t stroke his chest. I’ve taken to calling him Lilbit.

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