14-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 14th, 2552 Backfire

Pilot 237, Reporting

Remember how I mentioned that there were different castes, and they don’t talk to each other? It’s more that they tend to issue orders to each other and no one is listening.

Case in point, the Military was running the investigation into the explosion and at about 02:00 shipboard, the trail led back to the Twilight and the Einherjar investigating needed a pilot to take them there- right now.

All the qualified ship’s personnel had been flying all day and needed downtime before they crashed into one of the ships. That left non-ship’s personnel pilots— like getaway drivers with a record.

Fortunately for me— they remembered good old Pilot 237.

The job itself involved a lot of sitting and waiting, and an anxious moment when they ordered me to dust-off. I don’t know what they found, but they were subdued on the way back to the Valkyrie.

Their leader, SGT Carlyle told me not to talk about anything I might have seen. Truthfully, I hadn’t seen anything and told him as much. He took that as me keeping a secret.

It’s nice to have someone trust you.

The findings came out around noon, as we were ramping up for lunch, the explosion was caused by too much pressure in an engine that had warped during our wormhole excursion.

Needless to say, fleet is focused on maintenance and safety before we go any further. On the bright side, ‘all hands’ means conscriptees as well as crew.

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