146-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 25th, 2552 Alert
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/un-diplomatic Diplomat, Kat James Reporting

As we started underway, the proximity alarm went off. The signal forced several ships to appear, but something told me there were more just out of range. At Fipps’ command the fleet started echoing a broadcast directed at the others we could see and several of the ships rupture.

It took less than a minute before all the ships left our plane, but we circled our wagons anyway. We spent most of the day on alert but it seems that whatever Fipps had us broadcast it was enough to make them think twice.

My request to go back and check on The Fates was denied, but in the evening Lilbit appeared, with a note tied to his tail.

It read:

The Fates were saddened by the loss of life, but grateful you are still alive. Do not look for us – we’ve gone home. Andi.

I can’t help but feel like a child when I console myself with the thought, ‘they started it.’

Thing is— with the way The Fates think – we very well could have started it years from now.

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