153-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 1st, 2552 SOS
Guinea Pig/ Part-time mechanic/Canary in search of a coal mine, Kat James Reporting

Today’s Testing was canceled and we have a new directive: find the rest of the fleet. It started with a 30 day old SOS and got weirder from there. I have a decent understanding of Time/distance communications and I know get the time dilation, but I don’t have the math to calculate where the message came from let alone how long it actually took to get to us.

Even knowing where the fleet was supposed to have gone and figuring their speed and heading, and how long their trip would seem to us vs how long they were gone, then there’s the method of communications. I’m pretty sure it took all the computing power they had, some really odd maps and I was sure I wouldn’t understand anything until I heard it then they broadcast the message to the rest of the fleet.

When they did that, I knew where they were. I can’t really explain it— I knew and I knew how to get to them, but getting anyone else there, or getting them back here— that was something I didn’t understand and I would need Fipps and all his expertise to pull it off.

Only the brass has laid claim to Fipps and his team. Convicted Felon test pilots need not apply

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