168-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 16th, 2552 Instant Pre-play
Part-time mechanic/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

This is so surreal it isn’t funny. The Parataph had put me and Druckab in a room with a panel of experts, theirs and ours. I basically have a lawyer, a diplomat, and a very protective, yet diplomatic Einherjar in the form of Tower working to protect me against their opposite number from the Parataph.

We are working from very different points of view and time references. They say that when we attacked, yes, we attacked them, we started a war that left their fleet decimated. The only problem is – we weren’t at war with them until Druckab and his partner came back in time to kill me and blow up the Twilight of the Gods.

Something they also blamed on us.

According to their records, while we were evacuating the Twilight, one of our ships rematerialized in the middle of the Twilight of the Gods causing a catastrophic tidal wave through the well – and that caused the destruction of their fleet and the Twilight of the Gods.

A ship, they claim, was piloted by me.

But… I was flying away from the Twilight when it blew up. There had already been countless attempts on my life and two of our people had been killed to facilitate my murder/execution/preemptive strike.

Two crewmen who were either innocent of any wrongdoing since there was no war as far as we knew, or guilty of war crimes for destroying the Parataph fleet.

Their reasoning for attacking through time, was that we had left them no other option, the ships that weren’t destroyed were dedicated to end this war before it began and as near as I can tell – that action is what started the war.

But, if I died materializing inside the ship – how is the Old One still out there?

And that is where Druckab and I agree, you cannot have a future self after the time of your death, which means— someone has made a mistake.

Unfortunately, that’s the only place we do agree. After that, it’s like trying to referee two four-year-olds fighting over a bunch of cookies– Schrodinger’s cookies.

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