187-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

July 5th, 2552 – Three Strikes and we’re out
Part-time mechanic/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

It’s amazing how quickly the fleet can make a decision when they’re under attack. Three attacks – one by a group claiming to be the true representatives of the Parataph, one surgical strike by the Ani, and one attack by our former friends of the Paratraph.

Fortunately, this was a command decision which meant only three commanding officers were needed to make the decision, but seven pilots were needed to scout out a path to somewhere where the Parataph weren’t— and all that took was Tower, Tequila and a very drunk Liaison Officer.

Skip found a cluster of planets, Dancer found one that we could at least hide behind before the black hole ripped us apart and I found— nothing. Where I went— there was nothing worth reporting – just fresh wreckage from a recent battle. Definitely not the sort of place we wanted to take the fleet – Salvage, definitely but we have to protect the fleet— that’s all there is to it.

So we played follow the leader through the well and ended up in a nice area of unoccupied space. Command had us stay on alert for the rest of the day while the jump pilots were allowed to recalibrate.

By nightfall we were fairly certain we were safe.

Except there was this lizard who curled up in my hair around midnight, scolding me as he puffed my hair to make a pillow for himself.

I’m not sure if Lilbit is getting better at communicating or I’m getting better at understanding him, but he was in a mood.

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