19-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 19th, 2552 Supply Run

Jr. Wrench Monkey in Training, Pilot, beast of burden Katherine ‘Kat’ James, Reporting
I figured I would be doing one or the other of my assigned areas, but instead, somehow Daniels found a way to combine what I’ve learned. Since the Twilight is not really space worthy, she can sit there but she can’t move under her own power, the fleet engineers decided it would be best to take parts from the damaged vessel and use them to fix the others.

Being one of the few pilots who also know how to welt and torch cut (yeah, I’ve had about 3 days of observation and one or two days of supervised work, but obviously it’s enough to scrap a ship. It also meant that the trained mechanics could be spared to shore up the rest of the fleet.

So – I was moving slower than the other pilots and slower than the apprentice level mechanics, but thanks to Cookie’s diagrams, I got the parts most needed by the Valkyrie and got them back to the ship.

I missed lunch, but Daniels was there with a bag lunch and orders to fill as much of Cookie’s order as possible but don’t object if someone else took what he wanted.
I realized that some of the parts weren’t things we needed, but rather things we could use to barter for the things we did need.

So much for being an altruistic team— I guess each Captain saw his job as keeping his ship and crew functioning. I guess I can’t really blame them.

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