198-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

July 16th, 2552 – First Industrial Enterprise
Scout Pilot/travel agent/Chef Kat James Reporting

One of the advantages of being one of the criminal consriptees is the fact that no one trusts you so they record everything you do. It means that when you come in from 48 hours of mini jumps and roughing it in a ship with 6 mission specialists and the entire fleet’s exploration team constantly looking over their shoulders when they accuse me of threatening them and coercing them— you have proof that lets the brass know that things did not transpire the way they remembered it.

I’d gone from being grumpy to threatening to murder them in their sleep. It also means that said mission specialists were recording being well… special and me dealing with them. Not that any of that really mattered with what they found. We have all the raw materials floating around out there – enough to keep the fleet in new crafts for at least our lifetime— and that’s a start.

When we got back to the fleet, they were already making an ore transfer station out of a pontoon lander and several walkways – since most of the work will be done remotely, they just need a place for ships to land and either offload or pick-up, and that kind of enterprise works a lot better without people to mess it up.

I was called on the carpet for using my engine to cook dinner. Cookie and Mac were also there to scold me, but it was more about my technique and lack of the finer techniques of shipboard cooking.

Who knew that the cooling system was good for steaming veggies, and why didn’t I think of that?

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