216-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

August 3rd, 2552 – Emergency repairs for Pilots, 101
Pilot/Witness and sometimes Target Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

Medical still doesn’t want me doing anything too strenuous, and I can tell they’re worried about my well being, but when the well being of the fleet is at stake it’s a little hard to sit by and do nothing.

One of them told me, ‘The fleet is always at stake, and nothing you or I do is going to change that.”

That may be the case but at least then I’m taking an active role. I guess I’m not the most patient of patients.

Fortunately, Cookie had a job for me that I could do from the relative comfort of my hospital bed. You are looking at the new course designer and subject matter expert for ‘Emergency ship repairs for pilots.’

I’m trying to remember as much as I can from what I worked on – but to be honest I was too concerned about making things work and making other things not kill me. I guess that is what the class is actually about is staying alive long enough to get home.

Guess you could call the new training track: Not dying 101. It’s one of those Pass/Fail kinds of classes

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