223-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

August 10th, 2552 – Tin Cans and string theory
Pilot/Witness and sometimes Target Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

While the express system of relaying information helps, as we’ve seen it is not without its issues. First, you have to wait until a set time to update the rest of the fleet. Second – you run the risk of being found, as I can testify. Third – Why can Lil’ Bit always find me?

I mean I haven’t heard from Andi, or Aziz, or any of the Fates, but I know on more than one occasion I’ve fallen asleep to Lil’ Bit’s Crooning. It’s almost as if— as if he knows because he’s always with me.

If the fates can be believed then the whole idea of entangled particles that Fipps was talking about is the Fates, talking to themselves across space and time. Which means – that if I’m on each of the ships at different times, then I should be able to talk to me across any distance or time…

Something to think about, but to be honest, that makes my head hurt. As it is we’re a bunch of kids playing with string and tin cans, running our little pony express because we’re imaginative, but we’re still kids playing with things we do not understand.

Just ask Druckab – if you can pull him away from the hooch long enough to answer.

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