236-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

August 23nd, 2552 – Caught Red Handed
Truck Driver/Messenger Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

In the morning I cleaned up my campsite, removed Lil’bit from my hammock and tucked him in my pocket, where he yawned, curled up, and fell back asleep.

Then I headed back out into space and stepped sideways back a week and just far enough away that tracking would have seen me blip out and then blip back in, and made my landing.

I probably would have gotten away with it, if they hadn’t done a medical check-up – my leg had a week’s worth of healing, and I had a partially healed sunburn. The medics shook their heads and half-heartedly read me the riot act.

Then I was given dispatches for the fleet, research reports, and word on farming. Four hops back and it was almost as if I’d never left.

Lil’bit chirped from my pocket, took one look at deep space, yawned, and blipped away, probably to my little paradise.

I handed off my dispatches and was told to report to medical while they unloaded the haulers. For a fleet our size, it wasn’t much in the line of food – but it was fresh and they spread it as far as they could.
If the medics noticed the quick healing or the sunburn, they kept it to themselves.

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