256-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

September 12th, 2552 – Conspiracy Theory 2.0
Escape artist/Probable Plague Victim/Subversive Influence Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

What do you do when your team of crack scientists start acting like themselves and the medics on the evac skiff declare them cured? Why you go back to the environment that put them there in the first place, right?

At least that’s what Merkson thinks. Well, to be fair he doesn’t think it was the planet and the environment— he honestly believes I did something to them, and with me not in the picture, well then— obviously nothing will happen and they can get back to work.

I could have told him it was a bad idea. The medics did tell him, but since he was lead scientist and they’d cleared him for duty there wasn’t much anyone could say.

G-man did convince him to wait until we’d scouted the area since we’d seen a few random jumps happening. Merkson wasn’t happy with the edict but he accepted G-man’s suggestion. He really didn’t like it when G-man announced I was coming with his scouting team, but since I have the ship that can tow all the sensors and research equipment, it was an easy decision.

I’m really glad G-man brought me with him. It’s hard to poison 27 people when you aren’t there to do it. Merkson, on the other hand, was.

Security says that they were able to hit the knock-out switch before he did too much damage.

You know, random happenstance is sometimes harder to believe than a good conspiracy theory.

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