26-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 26th, 2552 Trouble is its own reward

Katherine ‘Kat’ James, sometimes pilot, sometimes wrench monkey reporting

Word of my antics reached my three self-appointed watchers. They made no bones about what they were doing, and the fact that they were on to me. It would be nice if they were actually watching what was happening around me, like who dropped the quart of oil on my freshly cleaned floor, and who rubbed grease on the stairs.

No, I just got to do extra cleaning… all day.

I tried to get ahead but my erstwhile work gremlin kept me busy with work until lights out— which I was in time for. When meant that when they decided to grease the area around my project— there was no one there to help them up when they slipped and hit their head on the fender of my vehicle.

The guards and my watchers were sure it was me— but when he was found— he sill had the grease in hand.

It seems that someone out there is looking out for me.

Gotta love instant Karma.

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