270-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

September 26th, 2552 – Baljatuun
Pilot/Explorer Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

Because of our first touch down protocols, no one was really worried when I spent the night planet-side. Let’s face it, worst-case scenario, I can sidestep almost anything and get— somewhere.

Only it seems Jatuun can interfere with the well – and then all windows go back to Baljatuun. I spent most of yesterday getting readings and getting a headache as the planet tried to figure out how to communicate with me.

When he finally did figure out how to communicate the headache went into full-blown migraine. He’s been lonely. Very lonely. Clingy even.

And even as I write this I can hear him objecting, “I am not clingy,” but I don’t know what else you’d call it— he’s been here a very long time. Alone. He set up a nice area for me to stretch my legs but I really didn’t want to go far from my ship.

He made a golem of himself so I could take him back to the fleet – but once I slipped out of his area of influence – it just turned to dust… and then came explaining things to the catch crew.

“Who names a planet Bljatuun?” G-Man asked.

“It’s Baljatuun, and I didn’t’ name him – that’s his name. Trust me, if I was going to name an ice planet, it would be something like Antenora, or Caina but no— when you have a sentient planet you use its name.”

It took several rounds and more than one session on a couch before they looked at my footage and realized something was going on. Fleet brought out the diplomats— but Jatuun wanted to talk to me – I guess he figured that since he’d worked out how to talk to me, it would be easier…

So I got to go back and act as translator between annoyed diplomats and a lonely planet.
It was so not what any of us expected, but Jatuun knows the area and can help us grow plants we know and understand, so he’d make a good ally.

All I know is, he really likes the idea of friends.

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