30-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

January 30th, 2552 HairBrained Schemes, and Lowlife Friends
Pilot Mechanic Katherine ‘Kat’ James Reporting

So – the mechanic who’d been making extra work for me – that was Mac, Darin MacKenzie. Turns out he doesn’t like convicts, the idea of convicts being allowed anywhere near civilized people. That goes even stronger for convicted murderers.

He didn’t dislike me as a person, but rather what I represented to him – what I represent to me is redemption and a chance to make amends. The way the judicial department sees it – I’m a work in progress and as far as my kidnapping victim and my arresting officer- I’m a kid who had some unlucky breaks, made some bad decisions, but also made a lot of better decisions— and it keeps me away from my brother and any more of his hair-brained schemes and lowlife friends.

He was back on duty today and I didn’t have any extra messes to clean up— the day would have been uneventful if it hadn’t been for the ‘I’ve got my eye on you’ boys. It seems that they have been emboldened by God only knows what, but they decided to pay me a visit and make sure nothing else untold happened to Mac.

So, once again, I was pulled out from beneath the fuselage of my project craft— which is looking more and more like a fuselage, they were about to start explaining things to me when Mac stepped in.
One minute I’m ready to be intimidated, and the next I have an angry mechanic standing between me and the trio laying down the law.

He waited until they left and then turned to me. I was expecting anything from a reprimand to a beat down, apologies were not something I expected in situations like this.

Turns out my conversation with Cookie, and how I got to be a part of the Justice Department’s project had filtered down to him before his release from sick-bay.

We aren’t friends— but we aren’t enemies either— and he’s promised to keep me on the straight and narrow. Then he helped me with the Franken-ship.

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