340-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

December 5th, 2552 – Planetfall
Escape Pilot Kat James Reporting

It seems the fleet has picked up a few more races as we escaped the games the Lasatiea were playing with the Others and the Void Walkers.

Turns out both of them have been playing this game for as long as the other races can remember.

And they aren’t even the strangest thing in this area— just the most lethal.

As it was, no one was really surprised when Baljatuun showed up.

He did do his best to blend in, and some of that included bending light and altering his presence so that the gravity pull didn’t affect the rotation or positioning of the planets around him, but some of the newcomers just knew he was there and relaxed once they realized that it was a planet and not one of the ‘hated races.’

‘Just a planet.’ I guess having seen your own autopsy- there’s just a level of weirdness that doesn’t even bother you. Hell, I’m beginning to understand the concept of existing in all points at once. Or reaching out to your past and future selves – Baljatuun has the advantage there since he not only has a lot of different times to refer to— he also has a lot of different forms. Some are just cuter than others.

The fleet has been trying to round up survivors and others without letting the Lasatiea know we’re on to them. That’s pretty much above my paygrade, but while I can’t really help find them – Jatuun can.

Of course, explaining a planet coming to pick you up was a little hard to swallow, so it was agreed that I would fly out in the Gumbo and lead people to Baljatuun.

That meant finishing up the repairs on the Gumbo and gearing her up with some of the latest upgrades available. We repaired her hull and installed an integrated version of the void detector, so much better than duct tape.

Tower, Adalgisa, and the Askmiri asked to come with me, and I have to admit— I like having the company, especially now that we have enough food for everyone, not that we’ll need it when we’re on Baljatuun.

But we can’t be planetside all the time.

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