353-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

December 18th, 2552 – Appearances are everything
Consociation Pilot Kat James Reporting

How do you get an alien race to see your side of things? How do you make them want to talk to you?
You either show that you have something they want or need or you show them that you aren’t as different as they think – You appear as something they understand and think they can use to their advantage.

One of the easiest ways is the enemy of my enemy ploy, which is only a little less effective than the enemy of your enemy who has something that can be used against my enemy (try saying that three times fast).

My job is to sell the Lasatiea on the fact that the fleet is bigger than they think, that I have the power to destroy or disable that fleet, and that fleet wants me neutralized.

Someone should have told the people in charge that while I’m a con, I am not a con artist. Then again, this mission does call for an escape pilot, and that’s something I can do— as long as no-one has any medical emergencies.

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