359-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

December 24th, 2552 – Do not open till Christmas
Consociation Pilot Kat James Reporting

We’ve been prepping for the mission, as much as anyone can prepare to do something so monumentally stupid that it should have a warning label, and as many safeties as you can put on it.

The interesting thing was, without meaning to, we found the Askmiri. I’m fairly certain I could never find them again if I tried and part of me is wondering if they simply let us find them.

With Askir and Almir, it was a long-overdue homecoming, but as they talked with their people, I could tell it had become a very interesting conversation.

The Askmiri were happy to see their missing children, but when it came to our plans and the full situation, they let Tower do the speaking. I think he was happy that his totally useless hobby with ancient languages just proved to be one of the most useful things on the ship.

I’m not sure what all they discussed, but I do know that we’re coming up on something that’s going to be a pivotal point in our history.

That is all I’m allowed to know. All anyone was willing to tell me was that, for my own good and the good of all around me, I can’t know what’s going on.

Once I’ve done my part, then maybe I’ll find out. Sometimes I really hate being kept in the dark for my own well being.

As it is. I’m scheduled to go into the void in the morning, without the crew, and for better or worse, I’ll be opening a well in the middle of the Void.

And we have no idea what will happen. Should be interesting

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