47-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

February 16th, 2552 Assignment Envy
Shuttle pilot/Lab Rat/Mechanic’s Apprentice – Katherine ‘Kat’ James Reporting

The science boys have mapped out the area and have identified several likely planets to explore – with FTL up and operational, the plan is to leave the Valhalla as our base of operations and then have different ships take different missions – each ship has selected three shuttle pilots as their explorers.

Unfortunately, since I failed the sims, I do not qualify, at least for the first run.

Dancer, Jo-Jo, and SkipTrace are the pilots selected for the Valkyrie’s View team.

I wish I were included but— it’s still better than being stuck on some rock with no hope of flying.
I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

For some reason, the science department has decided that this decision means that they don’t need to waste any more effort training anyone other than the trio for sample collection and science.

It means I have more time to work on projects and I am no longer a trainee— I am a mechanic’s apprentice, but human nature being what it is – I still envy the others.

I guess that’s what the ship’s library and advanced classes are for.

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