57-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

February 26th, 2552 Tow Truck
Barge pilot/Lab Rat/mechanic’s apprentice – Katherine ‘Kat’ James Reporting

With the first landing about to become a reality, I have a new-new job, and the Gumbo just added another purpose to her resume – Tow truck. The RS Gumbo is now the official barge for the Pavane.

While the research team narrows down their selection to the first planet to explore, Dancer has been designated prime for landing, with Jo-Jo lined up as her second. Jo-Jo and to a lesser extent, SkipTrace are still in training, but the spotlight is on Dancer.

It’s funny, I’m hauling her ship to the launch windows, but it’s all about her and the Pavane, it’s like me and the Gumbo are just background noise.

I want to feel bad about it— but I am part of this. I can’t believe this is really happening.

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