90-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

March 30th, 2552 Bad endings
Tow Truck Driver/metallurgist’s apprentice/ – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

A lot has changed overnight – another squad from the Valkyrie arrived, Dancer was with the squadron and I knew something was up when her first reaction was to hug me.

The others were slightly more restrained, but they were all finding a reason to touch me— which is really weird since we weren’t all that close. I mean we’re all pilots and we’ve trained together, but that makes us kindred spirits, not bosom buddies.

All I can say is – I want to play poker with these guys- I’d make a mint!

Tower met with an Enherjar pilot and got the low down. He wasn’t sure how to tell me what they found, but he realized the best way to drive me crazy was to make me play guessing games in the dark.

Then again, telling me that you found my mortal remains next to the remains of the future version of my ship? Well, yeah, that’s probably one of the things that you can’t really prepare yourself for.

Fipps is performing the autopsy.

Cookie brought the Scotch.

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